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Since 2014, the Czech violinist and singer Tomáš Novák (* 1987) and the Upper Austrian accordionist Paul Schuberth (* 1994) have been musically and creatively active between the poles of serious and popular music, of the traditional and the new, of the planned and the spontaneous.


The two have been working together on a wide variety of projects for several years: be it in the areas of classical music, new music, jazz, world music, dance, literature. In the duo "Novák / Schuberth" they combine wit, improvisation and complex arrangements.

Their repertoire focuses on their own compositions as well as works from the fundus of jazz and world music; such as: Klezmer, Irish tunes, Balkan music and critical songs from folk music. Thanks to their experience in the field of literature and theater, they know how to programmatically make the selection of pieces for the respective occasion.


On this page you will find all the projects they are working on - with Bratko Bibič, Victoria Pfeil and Christopher Haritzer, among others.

Photo: Elena Shirin

Upcoming shows with all projects you can find here

Photo: Elena Shirin



 Bratko Bibič (SLO) – accordion, vocals

& Dedley Woodleybears (A/CZ):

Paul Schuberth (A) – accordion, vocals; Victoria Pfeil (A) – saxophones, vocals; Tomáš Novák (CZ) – violin, vocals.


In 2015, accordionist and composer Bratko Bibič invited young, imaginative and highly skilled musicians Paul Schuberth on accordion, Vicy Pfeil on saxophones and Tomáš Novák on violin to participate in the new episode of Bibič's project »Das Wunderkabinett von Brutko Bimbič« (i.e. Brutal Bimbo). For that purpose, Schuberth, Pfeil and Novak formed the trio named Dedley Woodleybears. While Bibič and Schuberth reguarly collaborate in Otto Lechner's accordion orchestra Die Wiener Ziehharmoniker (they met for the first time at its fouding concert in 2009 where they performed in quartet with Lechner and Hans Dietch cover of the famous Iron Butterfly's piece »In-a-gadda-da-vida« cf. link to the video below), Schuberth cooperates with Pfeil and accordionist Johannes Muenzner in their »trio akk:zent«, and plays together with Tomáš Novák regularly in a duett. 


Das Wunderkabinett took place for the first time in August 2015 in Slovenija where they built up the initial concert program, consisting of their original music works. Bibič's strictly composed polimetrical, melodical, radical cross-over and »cinematically narrative« »madleys« creatively meet Schuberth's, Pfeil's and Novak's original and inventive compositions from the fields of experimental world music, »new music«, avanguard jazz tradition, various ethno genres and improvisation. They performed later on in Ljubljana, Izola/Isola, Labor/Koper and Novo mesto. In 2016, Bratko Bibič & Dedley Woodleybears have played several concerts in Slovenija (Ljubljana, Tolmin, Labor), Austria (Vienna 2x, Freistadt, Dietach, Heiligenkreuz) and in Germany (Passau 2x). In 2017, 2018 and 2020 concert tours through Austria and Slovenia followed.

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